10 Best Ecommerce Shopping Cart Solutions for Small Businesses in India

Start your own online store with one of these 10 ecommerce shopping cart solutions for startups and small businesses in India!

Building an online store or ecommerce website from scratch is expensive and absolutely unnecessary.
Today, you can build your own online store, add your products, and start selling in a matter of hours, thanks to the ecommerce shopping cart solutions.

When it comes to shopping cart software systems, you have two choices:
➔ Fully-hosted: The platform itself is responsible for hosting your website, securing your data, and updating the apps and features. This can reduce a lot of work and usually these platforms are super easy to use.
➔ Open-source: Self-hosted or open-source shopping cart solutions mean you are responsible for web hosting, security, and updates. The biggest benefit of open-source platforms is that they are highly customizable.

Now that you know the difference, let’s see what the best shopping cart solutions for starting your own online store in India are:

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1. Shopify:

This is one of the most popular ecommerce solutions on the market. The Shopify platform comes with lots of advantages such as unlimited bandwidth allocation, intuitive and appealing user interface, a vast selection of design options which include premium templates, free templates and personalized designed, extensive marketing tools, compatibility with over 70 payment gateways.

2. BigCommerce:

A cloud ecommerce shopping cart suitable for startups and small businesses. It helps businesses set up an ecommerce website and sell digital or physical products. Some of the most notable features of BigCommerce are integration with Alibaba.com, strong marketing and SEO features, full CMS available, a wide range of free responsive templates and themes.

3. Shopnix:

One of the best ecommerce platforms in India that provides you with everything you need to sell products online. It is a fully hosted shopping cart solution with a website builder and payment gateway included. The features are tested in real-life situations and customers.

4. BoostmySale:

Known as the top cloud computing companies in India, BoostMySale is an ecommerce product which helps you build a modern and functional web store. This is the only platform in the Asia-Pacific area that has partnered with market leaders like eBay and Amazon.

5. ZEPO:

When using ZEPO shopping cart you can turn your ordinary website into a fully functional online store without any technical knowledge. This is one of the best ecommerce solutions available to help small businesses grow.

6. Kartrocket:

This ecommerce solution is known as the smartest ecommerce platform in India. With visually appealing store designs, automated shipping, and payment gateway integration, Kartrocket helps you manage orders and provide users with an impeccable shopping experience.

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7. BuldaBazaar:

A simplified shopping cart software system that can help you create your own online store in a few minutes. Some of the leading brands in India such as TheMobileStore, Crossword, VIP, and Airtel use BuldaBazaar’s software to run their online stores.

8. SellMojo:

A unique ecommerce solution that helps you sell your products to customers with ease. It offers a great set of features that allow you to share your products with your biggest fans.

9. PowerStore:

A global ecommerce platform that helps anyone to create a modern and mobile-friendly webshop in a matter of minutes. By using the tools offered, you can customize the content and color of your site.

10. PrestaShop:

Since 2007, PrestaShop helps small businesses around the world establish an online presence. As an open-source shopping cart software, PrestaShop has more than 600.000 merchants, designers, and developers supporting around 200.000 online stores worldwide. Pick the best ecommerce shopping cart solution for your business and go big!


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